Notice the word Cain, in JOHN’s name. That’s no accident. Everything is backwards my friend, and guess who Cain really is ! It’s not John. But, don’t think for one second that John is not the one. HE IS NOT McCain by accident at this point in time. Everything in this world, this alphabet, is twisted and upside down TO CONFUSE YOU. The resurrection of McCain was something no one would have bet on. The neocons left him in the middle of BF skid to nowhere, without so much as a plane ticket home. It is destiny for Clinton and Romney, and Obama is the safety net Trojan Horse for Romney’s peeps. WAKE UP. And, I wonder what mighty force of sheer WILL,  intervened and picked him up, gave him a drink, and put wind beneath his wings.

Not Rush Limbaugh

Not  Christ Matthews

Not Wolf Blitzer

Not Pat Buchannen

Not Bill Bennet

Not Ann Coulter

Not Hannity

Here’s who put the wind under his wings:  TRUTH, JUSTICE AND THE TRUE AMERICAN WAY.

You Knights Templar (Free Masons)  may have thought you built this for yourself, but a funny thing happened on the way to 2012. TRUTH, and a nation full of natural LIE DETECTORS, along with a intervention of true Power. Not magical power. There is a big difference.

You left your finest patriot for dead. But, it’s not about patriotism is it. It’s about war and death, and Patriotism is the way you get there.  You have done your homework on the American Psyche. You know what motivates this free people. You use the media to show them how incredibly horrid it is all over the world, then you scare people here in hopes they will do ANYTHING to save themselves. But, who actually creates much of this HORRID all over the world. Trickle down death.

That is your biggest tool. PATRIOTISM.

You parade it through the collective consciousness, trolling for wafflers. Hoping, with all your magical mind that there will be critical mass, so you can bomb, kill and mame innocents. The more blood the better, because you live for skulls and bones.

I am an anti war liberal democrat, but I see who YOU are and what you are doing.  No, I don’t agree with John AT ALL on the war, but somehow I understand he IS THE ONLY ONE RUNNING FOR PRESIDENT who I believe to my core, will not lie to us. I believe he honestly wants to fight terroism. Not to take over countries and their resources, and to settle ancient scores, but because it will keep our country safe. No, I don’t agree with the method, but I know John McCain would never INTENTIONALLY hurt the American People. I can’t say that about Clinton, and I can’t say that about Obama. Sadly.  And, if there is one thing I know for sure, it is this:  If this country remains in the Satonic strangle hold of the far right (who despises Jesus), we are in for a nightmare of a proportion you cannot even imagine.

The real CAIN, is BAIN, and it’s founder. The real Able is the one WHO IS.

The people have spoken, over and over, and they will speak again on Tuesday.

THE ANTICHRIST WILL NOT RULE THIS EARTH.  We got your number. It’s 666, just like you promised. But, hidden in the backwards English alphabet, where you thought no would ever find it. I found it. That’s not all I found. As you well know by now. Your mask fell off, and your Jesus Hating, Child Murdering, Blackwatering Selves have been revealed.

Please pray for John. His mission is blessed by truth. You don’t have to believe in a God to understand what I am asking. To each their own. My definition of God is wide open these days.

Be well, and please, if you are reading this, and it makes you mad, then I would begin now to wake up. You have four years.  After that, you will be lost a very long time.

Jews find Romney’s anti-semite selection offensive.

Why so Few Jews Vote Republican

Jennifer Rubin, a freelancer for, has a piece out about why so few Jews vote Republican.Rubin highlights Mitt Romney’s choice of a museum named after Henry Ford – the premier anti-Semite in American history – as the location for Romeny’s presidential annoucement as one example of how Republicans fail to understand the Jewish community.  NJDC was the first in the country to raise these concerns.


“I believe Mitt Romney owes the Jewish community, indeed all Americans who hate the sort of bigotry represented by Henry Ford, an explanation and an apology.”   …Alan Dershowitz


Then this in Florida:

Romney woos Jews in Boca





Presidential hopeful Mitt Romney made a stop in Boca today to court the

 Jewish vote in his bid to win the Florida GOP primary.

He made a speech before the Republican Jewish Coalition of Florida on Tuesday, emphasizing one of the main themes of his campaign – the need to combat what he calls “violent global jihad.”

Key points: Harsh economic and diplomatic sanctions against Iran, the need for success in Afghanistan and Iraq to prevent terrorist groups from seeking safe haven, and “maintain the integrity of Israel as a Jewish state.”

No one keeps track of how many Jewish GOPers there are in the state; the RJC says it has 7,000 members in Florida, which has a statewide population of 783,00 Jews.


Given the Ford goof, it seems to me, the Jews should be far more concerned about Romney than other terrorists.

Little things, added to together, make a picture. That which is hidden will eventually tire and appear.

Romney gets sideswiped by McCain? Why didn’t God tell him it was coming?

The True God Of The True Church has obviously a big heart full of cash for Romney’s church. Why in the great depths of True Confusion, wouldn’t God beam his only true truth down on him for fair warning that Lucifer McCain is in the wings waiting to tell… tell……to tell the……truth about the other truths. That way, Romney could have planned in advance for the heat.

Here’s how it goes Mitt:   KARMA,  which is kinda like a Universal Law. Action/Reaction thing. 

Turn to the mirror buddy.  Bring Fox News with you. Oh, and CNN and MSNBC who is just having a hissy fit that you didn’t have your ear piece in. But, we know you can hear, because the debate whisperer was barely audible, except to the entire world. So, not sure why True God didn’t get to you quicker on the McCain thing.

While I’m at it, What say you about Blackwater’s shooting of men, women and children without any provocation. This is the 5th time I have asked. Still haven’t heard a word. Would you ask your God about that please?

Calling all Jews

Hi. You should know that my lineage is German Jew. Now, let’s talk Obama and his money. All I want to say to you, is this: It’s time for you to start watching your back. Time to start raising money for McCain, because Obama just raised 32 million out of BLACK AIR. I wouldn’t wait. If you are a democrat, don’t kill yourself please. Read my blog. There is something weird going on here.

Here’s a hint:   using the backwards alphabet:  O Y    are the letters  122  (221)  that would be the ID for

Jesus Christ  hv  (using the forward alphabet)   Excpet there’s this too:

WHICH NUMBER REPRESENTS JESUS CHRIST = 666 hv   (backwards alphabet)

So unless you are in on the joke, it’s time to pay attention.

Yeah, they like to make jokes to keep themselves entertained.

Did you know that Obama says he wants to bring the troops home?

Now, so do I – but I have a suspicion, it’s for different reasons.